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Over The Counter Pharmacy Management
Over the counter Pharmacy (OTC) is designed to run the Pharmacy of a hospital independent of its IPD and OPD operations. This is an ideal solution to run a Pharmacy by making deliveries of pharmacy items and receiving payments across the counter.
Product details and Overview
It is a highly parameterized solution which can be made suitable for both medium and large sized hospitals with configurational changes.
System Parameters
  1. Bill Number Generation: -   System Generated or Manual. Both are possible.
  2. Store:- Can link any store in the Hospital with OTC for picking up items directly from that store.
  3. Payment Receipt Mode:- User can receive payment against the bills in any mode such as cash, cheque , credit card, bank transfer etc. But system will show only those modes which are selected in system parameters.
  4. Return Items with Period Limitation:- A sold item can be returned but only up to the number of days that are set in the system parameters.
  5. Restriction on picking items nearing Expiry date:- Here the User can set the no. of days prior to Expiry date and the system will not pick the items for sale where expiry date is closer than the days entered in system parameter.
  6. Auto Pick:- If this is enabled, the system will automatically pick the items according other parameters set in the system including LIFO / FIFO methods configured in the system.
  7. Bar Code Reader: User can also pick items with Bar Code reader. This will automatically insert the required information in the system for billing. If Bar Code facility is enabled in the system then Auto Pick facility has to be disabled in the parameters or the vice versa.
  8. Partial Payment: - If this parameter is enabled then system will allow you accept the partial payment, if not, then the Customer will have to make full payment.
  9. User discount permission:- Parameters can be set for different Users to give discounts. Only those Users will be allowed to give discounts who are authorized by the system.
  10. Restricted Sale on MRP:- If this is enabled then User can only bill items on MRP and the same will not be editable.
  • Only authorized Users can have access to the system. They will have their own User Id and Password. So, for every transaction, only the authorized User who has logged in, will be responsible.
  • When a customer comes and needs some items, the User will look for the customer name in the database and fill the details. If the person is not a patient of the hospital or has not come earlier, the User will fill the Walk-In-Name and other details manually. The Doctor’s name can also be looked for and entered in the same fashion as for the customer. Doctor can be a part of the hospital itself or outside the hospital (Referred Doctor). System will maintain a database of the Referred Doctors for future convenience and Report purposes. Doctors can also be made Active or Inactive.
  • User can pickup items manually or through the Auto Pick feature or with the help of a Bar Code reader. User on picking the items will have all information on batch no., quantity, MRP, Generic name, Dosage etc. Necessary information will be display in the item grid. However, other information like Generic name, Dosage etc. will be display on demand. If an item contains special information then this will be displayed in color. Items can be picked according to LIFO or FIFO methods or as described in the parameters
  • Tax and discount can be applied on each item level or on bill level and multiple tax and discounts can also be applied.
  • Bill can be generated and payment received in various modes like cash, credit card, cheque, bank transfer etc. For credit customers payment can be allocated to their GL account if such facility exists in the Hospital Finance Department. Customer can make payment in more than one mode for the same bill. (e.g. partly by cash partly by credit card)
  • If the Customer wants to return the item, he can do so within a prescribed time limit which is set by the user through parameters. When an item is returned the stock will be increased and if the payment mode was cash then the cash will have to be refunded otherwise it will be settled by other means.
  • OTC can be seamlessly interfaced with Financial System of The Hospital or can work stand alone. If interfaced, vouchers will be created automatically in the Finance books for all the transactions that take place in the Pharmacy.
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