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Doctors' Fee Management
Doctors’ Fee Management System will enable the User to calculate Doctors’ Professional Fee based on the rules defined by the Hospital. The user can also generate payment advice which will appear in Accounts Payable module and the payment can be made to the Doctors on the basis of the advice generated.
The system has the following special features:
  1. Payment can be made to the Doctors either by single advice payment or by multiple advice payment.
  2. Payment History module will record history all payments made to Doctors.
  3. Doctors’ statement of Account can be generated both in detailed as well as Summary formats.
  4. Report can be generated giving list of Tax Payment
  5. Report of With holding tax deducted can also be generated
  6. Month end closing (period closing) is also possible
  7. Deduction report for any deduction from Doctors’ payment can also be generated
  8. Payment on hold status can also be generated with Patient Details
  9. Report on due payment status can also be generated on the basis of MR No, Episode No and other criteria.
Modules details:
Module Name
Doctor Master
Doctor's will be picked up from the existing doctor's code table present in HIS and further modification and editing can be done in this module.
Share Master
Doctors’ share will be defined here which will over-ride the rule defined in HIS
Reason Master
Various reasons for payment advice cancellation can be given here
Order Items List
User will define in the module all order items on which share is to be calculated and allow any change if required including change of share from one doctor to another.
Payment Advice Process
Allows to create, adjust, find, edit, cancel advice and change the status.
Payment Advice validation
For validation of payment advices.
Make payments against the payment advice
Multiple Payment
For settlement of multiple doctors’ payment advices with single payment
Payment Validation
For validating all payments made
Ageing analysis for doctors due payments
Statement of Accounts
Detailed & Summary
Doctor’s Payment History
All Payment History
System Parameter
System Parameters for Doctors Fee
It may be mentioned that the Doctors’ Fee Management System can be interfaced with HIS on the one hand to obtain data and to the General Ledger on the other hand to capture payment details.
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