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Over The Counter Pharmacy Management

Over the counter Pharmacy (OTC) is designed to run the Pharmacy of a hospital independent of its IPD and OPD operations. This is an ideal solution to run a Pharmacy by making deliveries of pharmacy items and receiving payments across the counter.

Product Details and Overview


Billing Management

Completely Parameter driven solution 

Auto Pick Criteria (LIFO, FIFO, First Expiry, Best Fit, Best Fit + First Expiry)

Batch & Expiry Controlled 

Parameterized restriction on billing items nearing expiry.


Discount & Schemes Management

User wise permission for discount 

Multiple tax and discounts at items and bill level 


Return & Refunds Management

Multiple payments allowed in the same bill 

Bill cancelation for entire bill 

Bill discontinuation for partial return. 



Cashier Scroll

Cash refund for return of items. 

Cash collection analysis at the EOD



Interface Capabilities

Interface with 3rd party applications for e.g. HIS and others. 

Interface with Bar Codes & RFID

Interface with SMS / Email Gateway

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