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Human Resource Management

Prodigious HRMS is a system designed to manage the entire range of activities performed by the HR department which includes appointment, appraisals, increments , transfers, leave and attendance, salary generation, TDS on salaries, employee separation etc.  The system allows the creation of Organizational Hierarchies and depicts professional relationships among employees . This helps the user in Manpower Planning and Recruitment. HRMS allows managers to produce a vast array of statistical and analytical reports to assist them in managing their employees.

Product Details and Overview


Recruitment Management

Drafting of strength vs. vacancy across organization. 

Resumes detailed being filled in by the candidate on the company website 

Interface with 3rd party applications to extract employees CVs.

Scheduling of technical and non technical interviews across hierarchy. 

Communication of interviews details via SMS/Email to both interviewer and interviewee. 

Holding/Cancel/Rejection of CVs/interviews.


Employee Database Management

Detailed information of the employee can be gathered including various attachments. 

Employees can also update their own information which manager would have to validate.

Dynamic search available to search on the basis of information added.



Employee Self Service Portal

Key dashboards are available for the employee to view for e.g. his or her leave balance, shift roster details.

Employee can apply for his or her leave, loan, reimbursements, perks and others

Can chat with the team member or across hierarchy 

Download the payslips 



Manager Self Service Portal

Key dashboards are available for the manager to view for e.g. his or her team’s leave balance, shift roster, leave details, appraisal details and others. 

Alert on key pending tasks for managers from HR point of view e.g. approvals of leave, reimbursements, overtime and others. 

Can chat with the team or across hierarchy 



Employee Attendance Management

Attendance policies can be defined at company level across hierarchy. 

Attendance tracking of the employees can recorded either by sharing the GPS locations, interfacing with biometric machines, pushing thru excel and other means. 

Tracking of attendance can be done by the employees and their managers on finger tips. 


Leave Management

Different combinations and permutations of leaves can be defined with ease. 

Completely parameter driven while defining a leave for e.g. whether it is payable or not, to be carry forwarded or not, to appear on payslip or not and many others. 

Pre and Post Leaves analysis can be done across organization. 

Application of leaves by employees with ease thru the Employee Self Service portal.

Employees can keep a track record on the complete approval process of leave applied. 

Approval of leaves can be done at hierarchal level with multiple authority. 

Managers can keep a track record of the leaves applied by their team real time. 

Analytical data available to analyze the leave pattern of an employee or the complete team.


Shift Roster Management

Different combinations and permutations of shifts and their sessions can be defined with ease. 

Respective Shift rosters can be defined and allocation to the employees across organization. 

Swapping of shifts between employees with validation is feasible. 

Shift planners can be generated employee and department wise. 


Loan and Advances Management

Defining of loans/advances at company level along with formulas. 

Application of loans by employees with ease thru the Employee Self Service portal

Approval (sanction process) process of loans by managers across hierarchy.

Recovery of loan including EMI adjustment over a period of time. 

Auto calculation of interest on loans based on flat interest, reducing balances. 


Payroll Management

Different combinations and permutations of salary components can be defined with ease. 

Dynamic Formulas for computation of salary components can be defined. 

Salary Processing for Payroll Month- for groups or for selected employees is manageable. 

Auto calculation of all incomes, deductions & Company Contributions (PF, ESI, etc.) as per requirement 

Emailing and Texting of Payslips. 


Training Management

Detailed planning of the training of the employee/employees at one go. 

Training calendar of the team can be tracked by the manager.

Real time feedback of the training can be captured. 


Employee Appraisal

Designing of Appraisal Questionnaires catering to different industries and various areas of work

Question Bank for Employee Appraisal with Objective & Subjective questions

Online Appraisal of employees

Appraisal Tracking time period. 

Employee Appraisal across the hierarchy 

Employee Incentives/Rewards/Promotions/Punishments



Auto Calculation of Employee TDS for the financial year

Auto Deduction of Monthly from Employee Salary.

Employee Investment Declaration Form Printing

Printing Of Form 16 Employer 


Full & Final Management

Enables employee to resign and manage to validate to kick off the Full & Final processes. 

Auto calculation of Salary, Leave Encashment, OT Hours & other dues such as Perks, Fund, Bonus, Gratuity and Loans/Advances

Clearance across the organization. 

Exit interview and knowledge transfer details. 

Print employee final settlement statement and experience certificate.


Other Modules

Managing the Over Time 

Calculation of PF and ESI

Managing Perks and Reimbursements 

Managing Increments, Promotions and Transfers

Managing the Assets Issued to the employees

Tracking of Disciplinary Actions

Users Rights and Roles


MIS Reports

Operational Reports available covering all the above workflows

Reports can be exported to Excel Sheet

Critical Dashboards with graphics available 


Interface Capabilities

Interface with 3rd party applications for e.g. HIS, LIS, Hotel PMS, Financial Solutions and others. 

Interface with Biometrics/Attendance Machines 

Interface with Bar Codes & RFID

Interface with SMS / Email Gateway

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